Stoke left, stroke right

I have for many years enjoyed a personal computer from Apple. Having used hundreds, if not thousands of computers during my time in IT, I fully appreciate the fundamental advantage of a Macbook: it just works.

I’ve now passed this older laptop to a member of the family and are now using a newer work machine, but need to keep both work and leisure separate – so I run two different browser windows with the ‘left’ one covered in employment related tabs, and the ‘right’ one open with personal items such as my home email. The method seems to work although I too often find myself at the wrong end of the spectrum, so to speak.


It reminded me of some of the dating apps that use the ‘swipe left, swipe right’ idea of approval – only my swiping is replaced by the MacOS idea of four-fingered strokes left or right on the enormous Macbook Pro touchpad. And oh – the Pro is a very enjoyable type of machine.

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