Home broadband

I’m really impressed by my internet provider, Andrews and Arnold. I’ve used the internet since before it was named, and Fidonet, 1200-baud modems, bonded twin ISDN lines and the whole shebang. Today’s FTTC and ADSL are fast and simple in comparison.

However the last physical leg is often the source of issues. Trees rubbing on telephone lines, storms, and cable modems losing sync when it rains are all part of that ultimate physical connection to my home. Even mobile data via 4G gets rain fade in a heavy rainstorm. A wet piece of string will still transmit a signal, but it will be pretty weak.

When I speak to my sister in remote Australia it seems that they are lucky to get even a mobile phone signal when standing in a particular corner of one room of their house. There is no internet via land-line, and often reasonable internet connection is only available from her office in the town. Netflix and streaming movies, Facebook and the like are all distant, unreasonable realities and for many people in developing nations. So my little worries and 80Mb per second seems like luxury. My quota is 1Tb per month, but I rarely reach that. I am also served by cable and could use that but the latency is too great for good gaming.

So I’m pretty happy with my internet connections!

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