Life is a Journey, not a Destination

I’ve always had an itch to try out new ways to get somewhere. I guess I got that from my father; he’d be admonished by mother for wanted to try ‘shortcuts’ when driving which often resulted in back-tracking or otherwise ending up lost – and when lost means the middle of the Australian bush that is very lost indeed. His knowledge of remote country roads was only matched by his seeming disregard for transition from single man into family patriarch and the responsibility that entailed. I don’t want to paint a picture of someone who was frivolous or ignored safety, but at his heart there lurked an element of wildness.

So too for me. Before GPS, Google mapping every road in the world, and mobile phones I would study maps and work out that there may, just may be another way to get from A to B. I really enjoy the path less trod, understanding a new contraption from more than just the instructions, and trying new experiences.

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