Replacing Galaxy S6 battery

My daughter’s mobile phone was going flat quickly. On looking through forum postings it seemed a common problem after a few years of use.

On to repair! or so I thought.

Samsung and other manufacturers have made a good job of bricking their phones together with glue. Instead of lots of tiny screws they now use glue strips to hold the components in place – perhaps making manufacture easier, but certainly making repair harder.

There is an excellent guide on how to do the replacement by yourself over on iFixit, as well as a package of the battery and replacement glue strips to reassemble the phone. However, be aware that the whole thing isn’t for the faint of heart!

As a side note, the procedure using the iOpener did not work for me – I had to use a commercial heat gun and really blast the bottom cover to make the glue strip soften. Perhaps a hair dryer could also be used to do this.

The result is a phone that works, a happy daughter, and a proud dad!

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