Corona-virus and webcams

If there is one thing that the current pandemic of COVID-19 shows us, it is that the world is more connected than we feared.

We think that the modern world is isolated by social networks and technology, but the surprising rapidity of international contagion seems to say just the opposite: that a storm somewhere else in the world can rapidly affect multiple and many countries. It seems that we are still very close to each other.

One strange side-effect has come home to me today. I went searching for webcams for my personal use and potentially to use at work. I work as a building caretaker for a large church with multiple buildings and a 500-seat auditorium. Waypoint Church – check them out, they are awesome! As travel restrictions come into play the core team are thinking of recording videos and sending links via email to church members. I think we should look at doing live streaming and webcasting. However, even Amazon was short of supply on webcams!

As we discuss this it brought into play the digital generations. We commented that some church members don’t have email addresses, some don’t use specific social media platforms, and some don’t even have computers! While most will have mobile phones even this cannot be assumed for the very oldest and vulnerable. Part of the crisis means that schools are looking at using webcams to delivery lessons to their pupils and of course this has created a run on the supply of cheap, sensible webcams such as the Logitech C270 or C920.

While I’m replete with webcams of all types (having used them previously for monitoring 3D printers and the like) the shortage does show the results of unintended consequences. The government announces school closures, and sales of webcams, or cheese, or blankets goes through the roof. Strange times, strange times indeed!

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