I’m fascinated by the subversion of power “by other means”. I’ve been told stories about the rise of Caesar and the replacement of the Senate by what essentially became a new king, when the whole system was set up to prevent exactly that. Political infighting and the inevitable “all that matters is me” led to the downfall of a democratic system and the rise of an imperial one.

Another example is the rise of the largest commercial army in the world at the time of the British East India Company, of which my own family profited as they formed part of the management in India and lived there for some time. Of course, without a lot of digging around I don’t know that they took part in the growing and harvesting of poppies (which the depressing Sea of Poppies novel details well) and so don’t understand if the British Empire’s imposition of drug selling into the opium dens of China is part of my history. Even dear old Queen Vic herself refused to listen to the pleads of the Chinese to stop the trade. But the transfer of Hong Kong to the British for winning the right to impose hard drug sales into China was one outcome which we exploited to our benefit.

Today I learned that the US Constitution says that a Census must take place every 10 years, and that this census is used to then establish the size of voting representation and so avoid the wonderful practice of “gerrymandering” an electoral area to ensure your side of the political divide wins. Mr Gerry had it good, and could draw his salamanders all over the electoral map. Trump has to manipulate further upstream to ensure that census data has worrying questions that will put off Democratic party voters, so meaning that there is less of them in areas where the GOP isn’t winning the vote. Ah, politics – doing evil in plain sight and then holding celebration rallies to glorify the whole thing. Twas ever so!

It looks as if these emerald English isles will soon resound to the gleeful cries of pirates again. Having tut-tutted for so long in our hypocritical way about Russian oligarchs (while welcoming their Chelsea homes), we’ve found a way to do it ourselves! After all, as we sail away from Europe on the good ship Britannia we can establish our own off-shore money schemes and do what the Caribbean held a monopoly on for so long. Get thee into finance – I predict a great future, even if a little murky.

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