Struggling to read my weather station data

I’ve been struggling to read my weather station data on anything except the devices’ own standard displays.  For my weather station, a Maplin N96FY this means a USB A-to-A cable into the LCD display and using the excellent pywws Python code from Jim Easterbrook to load the data.  Once off the serial port on my Beaglebone Black SBC it is handled by NodeRED.

But I want to do more.  I would like to read it using a common array of antennas rather than the complex client head-ends for the weather stations and home monitoring systems.  My electricity is monitored by a CurrentCost device, the EnviR which is good but I don’t need a LCD display, so catching the C2 protocol and reading this would also be good.

My problems have arisen because I don’t know if my weather station is OOK or FSK, and I can’t seem to read either using the JeeLink USB stick I have which has a HopeRF RFM69CW chip on them (which should be pin-compatible with a RFM12B).  But nary a poke out of them yet other than the excellent nrfmon program of which you see below.  But so far none of the FSK or OOK scanners I have used have seen any of the signals, not helped by them using the RFM12B libraries and mostly the 868MHz range instead of the 433.92MHz ISM band my weather station uses.

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