Pill regimes

Reading today an article from the BBC about the use of low-dose aspirin in those with either cancer predisposition or risk of heart attacks, and thinking how it might relate to me.  Both my father and mother had cancers – my mother dying of breast cancer – and one GP mentioned to me that that same type of aggressive breast cancer causes bowel cancers as well.  So I guess I am in line for it!  Hard to tell really and this is where some guess-work comes in.

My family doesn’t seem to be particularly affected by heart attacks nor coronary diseases such as angina; my wife’s family does but we’re not related, at least I hope not!  The weight of evidence would come down on the preventive effects against cancers of all sorts.  Crohn’s disease has been a family problem as are a variety of allergies such as milk and gluten – although these types may be affected by the patient’s perception my daughter’s strong anaphylactic shock from peanut allergy is no joke.  My guess is that aspirin would help so I’m beginning a course of low dosage (75mg) from now until … 75!  That plus more exercise, loving the wife, being more diligent, losing weight – the list is endless.  Oh, and letting my GP know of course.

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