All of us are consigned to death. Just yesterday there was an old man on the news enthusiastic about the internet and speaking of the changes he’d seen in a long lifetime. as I get older I appreciate the core difference between the young and old: when you are young every one who dies is older than you. When you’re older then the reality settles in that actually your own days are numbered.

So that’s okay – we all die.

But between now and then what should we do? How should we spent these days, hours, and minutes while we still have them?  Travelling home from London today by train I was amazed by the brief glimpses of life out my window.  Wonderful green fields and houses sped by and I gloried in the feast of senses flashed at me.  How can we be anything but moved by such amazing things?  Then I looked back at the weary commuters on the train with me and remembered that life is lived in the here and now and that wonder is mixed with sadness, grief with joy, and happiness with normality.  Back to that Linzer biscuit … nom nom nom.