Mercy Pig

I’m glad Marks and Spencer threw in a bag of Percy Pig chocolate goodies into their essential food hamper that arrived today. Without the pig it may have got the chop. There was no mention on their website as to whether this box was reserved for essential workers such as nurses, care home cleaners, or brick layers but in terms of abundance it was rather parsimonious for £35.

Mercy for the Percy

Still, mustn’t grumble in these desperate times. With even the PM laid low with this fickle disease any food is good food, right? With a household of four adults packed into approximately four rooms it does get a little tight at times. The only blessing I can see is a free one, and the sun pouring down in pretty much unremitting glory reminds me of sunnier climes and gives the excuse to those who take to parks and seaside to do their allotted exercise per day.

I’ve taken to setting up website snoopers to monitor the state of flour supply. It’s absent everywhere and the moment someone offers even larger bags it is offline again in an instant. We bake our own wholemeal and have been doing so every week for the last 5-8 years. I love the stuff and even take it to work as lunchtime sandwiches. But without yeast or flour it is looking increasingly difficult to do that and the spelt loaf we’ve just baked may be our last one…

Food has taken on a strange new obsession with the family. Even my son for who AM is a foreign field awoke to witness the unpacking of the last food box. We are pretty unanimous to this point that the local green grocer is streets ahead with their generous delivery of bread, milk, eggs and a bumper box of fruit and veg for the same price as the M&S one.

We anxiously await the arrival of Morrisons box later this week as their mix seemed a little closer to our eating pattern. Could this become the next version of the annual write-up of Christmas puddings or Easter hot-cross buns?

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