A Tale of Distraction

  1. Open tab in browser
    1. go to video game site
    2. download it
    3. played it
    4. noticed save game button
  2. Thought of ways to hold save games between computers, such as Linux or Windows.  After all, this was a cross-platform game!
    1. Box/Dropbox or similar?
    2. Owncloud (I used to run this on an older server)
    3. I have a SBC which is not in heavy use
    4. I have a 1TB USB drive which could hold Owncloud server …
  3. Installed Owncloud
    1. proxy rules on my nginx front-end server
    2. php installed on backend
    3. mariadb rather than MySQL
      1. there isn’t a executable for ARMhf
        1. download
        2. compile
    4. Went with MySQL because at least this works on ARMhf and there are executables in the repo
  4. … and so on.  I didn’t play that game again so all the above was lost, however I DO now have a great mechanism for sharing between computers.

This tale of distraction isn’t unique I know – XKCD wrote about it and we’re all afflicted in some degree, but it is interesting to me how much of my day is based around following-the-white-rabbit down the rabbit hole.  All good stuff!

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