Endangered species

It occurred to me today that there is other endangered species, television EPG guides for example. When television is no longer transmitted at the broadcasters wim then we will be free to select the programs of choice at our time of choice. In addition we will most likely to select our own style of programming instead of that provided by the broadcaster.
Just as libraries provide a selection of the world’s books assembled for our browsing, broadcasters provide a selection of content for our consumption and delivery. The analogy between libraries and broadcasters is actually fairly apt since both of them have content which they provide at their own convenience for our consumption.
Instead of this in the generation of today is used to taking multiple feeds of information all at the same time. Here in the UK libraries seem to be closing at an alarming ratebut should we be worried because the contents of information is still being delivered however now it is by electronic means?  I’d not like to be a librarian though…

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