I stayed overnight in London for a work function, then off to see a friendly customer.

That went okay, other than the standard loneliness of hotel rooms.

In the morning I decided not to go to work but rather to ‘coffee shoppe’ my way over to the customer – dropping in to old and new places I knew on the way.  First problem: it was raining and cold outside so I took to a inviting coffee chain place to see if I could get some work done.  Second problem: loud, noisy and difficult to concentrate!  Third problem: nose started bleeding (I’m taking asiprin long-term to hopefully deal with some cancer issues in my family – so that thins the blood and I am seeming to get more nose bleeds than normal).

How do you bleed peacefully when in the open surroundings of a coffee shop?

The good part was that my phone battery was still alive having not rechardged it overnight it should have been flat (I had a spare) and my computer one is still singing as you can see.  Partly I wanted to do this to see if I can survive outside a big warm oganisation like my company, partly since I didn’t see the purpose of just rocking up to work to essentially sit in the same type of place there!  It remains to be seen if I can make it in the turmoil and tussle of the surrounds of a ‘non-stop’ city life.  And if my battery makes it!  Off to find another place to sit.

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