Old swallows new

Old swallows new. How many train trips through grey skies leaden like living at the bottom of the sea, how many business meetings with detailed agendas and suits did it take to banish the memory of gentle nights, stars like crystal in the sheer blackness of a town which still turned off its street lights at midnight? Where did all the adventures go?


Going up north

And there is a saying in England about ‘going up north’. Generally it has connotations of a grim environment, however having come up here from down south I find it a very friendly place. The actual hotel I’m in is quite amazing having been converted from an old dock-side building with a modern restoration.  It has lovely vaulted ceilings with a large modern room and magnificent outlook.
The city also is quite clean and seems very efficient.  I guess Liverpool didn’t always have this reputation and although I’m no historian could understand that it probably had a dark side in the past.  I’m quite impressed however and really looking forward to walking around and meeting my customer here in the city.  I wonder why there is such resistance to the reuse of old buildings since they don’t always have to be torn down but I think careful selection and favourable treatment can insure a good mix of old and new. It isn’t always the case and both modern brutalism is as crass as Victorian decrepitude because  sometimes older sites are left because of some vague sentimentality, but I think given sufficient investment and thought, and cities be regenerated in a meaningful way.
Let’s not hindered progress simply because it is progress but rather thoughtfully create better environments for all.

Test post

Hello, I wanted to see if this ‘post by email’ feature really works???
This is just a test blog post.

I like posting by email as it works better offline and I have multiple email clients on my smartphone and desktop with which to work.

Endangered species

It occurred to me today that there is other endangered species, television EPG guides for example. When television is no longer transmitted at the broadcasters wim then we will be free to select the programs of choice at our time of choice. In addition we will most likely to select our own style of programming instead of that provided by the broadcaster.
Just as libraries provide a selection of the world’s books assembled for our browsing, broadcasters provide a selection of content for our consumption and delivery. The analogy between libraries and broadcasters is actually fairly apt since both of them have content which they provide at their own convenience for our consumption.
Instead of this in the generation of today is used to taking multiple feeds of information all at the same time. Here in the UK libraries seem to be closing at an alarming ratebut should we be worried because the contents of information is still being delivered however now it is by electronic means?  I’d not like to be a librarian though…