Just read about a trek desk – or treadmill desk where you work standing up and walking on a treadmill.  Sounds great if you can get one.  I think I might try and build one since my current desk takes up too much room in the home office and I need a refresh of the carpets and wall paint.  Still, one can dream on.


Muscled thugs and £336 nail clippers

I walked past a muscled thug today in my home town.  He was smoking, chatting with mates, very young, and speaking on his phone.  As I passed he said “right-o son, see you some time then” on the phone and went back to talking to the others.  Now, this guy may be really nice and Actually a Good Bloke but it is all to easy to judge on outward appearances – and the whole shopping street seemed filled with aimless people whom I imagine find it hard to get work, subsist on government support, and generally live lives of quiet desperation.

I also saw some nail clippers on sale for £336.

That was in one of the more expensive streets in London filled with elegant people and lots of expensive cars.  More than anything else this sums up Britain for me; opulent splendor and extreme privilege alongside abject miserable lives.  Sure, everyone has basic health services and education yet ‘the system’ doesn’t seem to inspire a whole lot of initiative.  If anyone aspires to much it mostly seems to be winning the lottery or Making It Big on some celebrity show.  What about celebrating hard work, genuine thrift, kindness and just plain ordinariness?  There will always be super-rich but most people’s paths to happiness  likely won’t involve becoming them.

Monitoring everything

I’d love to be able to monitor everything: spending, power consumption, words read and so on – and then graph, understand and analyse it all.  I did this for a while in my job as I graphed every business trip made for a period of six years and included cost, places visited, value to my company and so on.  It was interesting (and impressed one boss) but never led me anywhere special.  Most likely I’m on the Asperger’s spectrum somewhere and love lots of data and analytics however sometime it’s all for a good purpose.

The most recent one is my Current Cost energy monitor.  While it has been helpful in some ways I need a greater level of detail and have found a way to use Pachube’s data feed to further analyse the costs to my home of electricity.  Some surprising things included the nature of the refrigerator – it keeps turning on and off 24 hours a day – and how much certain things were consuming around the house.  But, like my senior colleague at work who innovates in this area for a living, I want to break into that large bulk of ‘unknown’ costs.  I’m currently using 9 Individual Appliance Monitors around the house and even that only give part of the picture as things like the oven take direct feeds from the consumer distribution panel, so I can’t monitor their usage directly but only infer what it may be. You can see my usage on the graph at the right.

19 years

We had a pretty rough anniversary yesterday; although there were cards, presents and dinner there was also tears and broken hearts.  I guess sometimes my own emotional turmoil bleeds over into that of my family’s and I forget they truly matter.  Yeah, that’s an apology of sorts – as hard as us men find those to give.

Overnight I couldn’t sleep and spent time browsing my Kindle, ending up in the Amazon Kindle store looking at magazines and one had the tag line ‘10 (Not-So-Shocking) Truths About Husbands‘ – it happened to be in Brides magazine and espoused a typical column-filler which if it had been written by a man about women would sound awfully misogynistic.  But what caught my eye was one comment further down which I’ve reproduced in full here.

I’d like to offer some comments on my husband that prove the tired stereotypes are often far from true. My husband does most of the cooking. And he’s good at it too. He cleans the bathrooms and washes the dishes. He does laundry. He takes out the trash every week. Without fail. I never have to say word or even worry about it. He’s got all sorts of renovation projects going on around the house. Some get done quick; others don’t. Don’t complain about it, women. The fact that he wants to fix up the house you share means he thinks of it as your home. No man invests in a short-term rental. He often makes me coffee in the mornings. When we sleep, he often holds my hand. And if I wake up and try to pull my hand away while he’s still sleeping he grips it tighter and won’t let me go. All this on top of the fact my husband is Australian…he left behind his family, job, home, and vintage car to come to America and make a home with me. And there isn’t a day that it doesn’t cross my mind, all he gave up. If your fiance or hubby has done any of these things for you, has sacrificed for you in any way–say a heartfelt thank you. Don’t wait. They’re one of the good ones. 🙂
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… and that’s what rested my mind and put me to gentle sleep.  Sweet dreams.